Our vision and values

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Our vision and values inspire and guide what we do and how we do it. Having a clear purpose and shared principles help to make us successful and sustainable.

Our vision

To be the best property company in the UK in the eyes of our customers, our communities, our partners and our employees.

Our values

Certain core values form the foundation of Land Securities. These embody the way in which we work together to deliver effective customer relationships. By putting these values into action we strengthen our ability to deliver high levels of customer service and business performance over the long term.

All our values support and enhance each other and are relevant to our business. Everyone who works with us should believe in and uphold our core values. Treating them simply as words on a page is not sufficient. It is only by using and demonstrating them on a daily basis that they come to have true meaning.

Customer Service

Showing potential and existing clients that customer service is at the heart of our organisation and governs our every action is key to our success. Addressing customer needs and delivering unique solutions helps us to build and maintain enduring relationships. Even if we do not directly serve the external customer, we serve someone who does.


It is important that we show respect for the individual and treat others as we would like to be treated. A culture in which communication is two-way, clear and constructive, and the contributions of all team members are valued, as well as differences respected, will support learning and continuous improvement and enable us to stay ahead of the competition.


This is central to the way we do business and crucial to our external credibility and continued respect in the market place. To demonstrate integrity everyone must follow ethical business practices, be reliable, trustworthy and honest, deliver our promises and have a fair minded approach.


Maintaining competitive advantage and giving the best possible quality and value for money for every project or service we deliver. To be the best at what we do and deliver better than our competitors, we will continually update our own job skills and set, meet and exceed standards.


This is essential to grow our business and continue to be recognised as the market leader. Land Securities will continually improve, embrace change and provide employees with the opportunity to learn and develop. We will create an environment where people are encouraged to demonstrate innovation by successfully implementing new ideas.


We take responsibility for our developments and investment decisions, striving to outperform our peers through being risk aware, not risk averse. 

People into Action
Our People into Action awards recognise ordinary people who do the extraordinary without being asked; who give that little bit extra; who care what impact their behaviour has on others and who we are.
Sustainability Report 2015
Decisions we take today will have an effect years from now.
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