Role of the Board

The board is responsible for the long-term success of the Group. It sets strategy and oversees its implementation, ensuring only acceptable risks are taken. It provides leadership and direction and is also responsible for corporate governance and the overall financial performance of the Group.

Key matters for the Board include:

  • Authorisation of significant transactions in excess of £150m.
  • Dividend policy.
  • Internal controls and risk management (via the Audit Committee).
  • Remuneration policy (via the Remuneration Committee).
  • Shareholder circulars and listing particulars.
  • Matters relating to share capital such as share buybacks.
  • Treasury policy and significant fundraising.
  • Appointment/removal of Directors and Company Secretary.


[Schedule of Matters Reserved to the Board - 9 May 20170.25Mb12 May 2017]

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