Our Safety and Health

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Health and Safety is our first priority. We are committed to preventing avoidable workplace accidents and ill health at our properties. This commitment is not motivated by short term financial considerations but by a desire to maintain a first class reputation and build trust among stakeholders over the long term.

Effective Health and Safety management is fundamental to the productivity of our business. Through protecting the interests of visitors to our developments, and creating secure working environments for our staff, we facilitate the company’s success. We also recognise our responsibility as a client, and strive to appoint construction teams that meet our Health and Safety expectations.

In accordance with the requirements of the Turnbull Guidance on Internal Control and the Health and Safety Executive and Institute of Directors’ joint publication, Leading with Safety, Chief Executive Robert Noel is the Board Director responsible for Health and Safety at Land Securities. He has overall responsibility for ensuring our policy is implemented across the Group, whilst department heads are responsible for ensuring the policy is observed within their respective teams.

We aim to continually improve Health and Safety management and awareness across our business and become an example of industry best practice. In order to achieve this we:

- Consult regularly with employees, contractors and service providers

- Assign appropriate tasks to employees and contractors

- Appoint competent health and safety assistants

- Provide effective training and relevant instruction

- Encourage good communication and co-operation

- Regularly review our Health and Safety performance, involving employees in this process

Our Health and Safety objectives for 2014-15

Our Health and Safety objectives as set by our Group Health and Safety Committee for 2014-5 are:

• Provide a vision for behavioural change for our employees and supply chain

• Encourage visible leadership in Health and Safety in the industry

• Work towards an incident and injury free environment

• Bring the “Health” back into Health and Safety – introduce occupational medical surveillance on our development projects

The committee was keen to ensure that our health and safety processes and procedures remained clear, relevant and mandatory – with a zero tolerance approach to non-compliance across the business. This year, there has been a strong focus on reviewing our policy and providing bespoke training for all of our people.

Our Committees and Team

Health and Safety is frequently discussed by senior people within our business.

Each of our London and Retail Executive Committees has a regional Health and Safety Committee reporting to them. We also have a Group Health and Safety Committee which is chaired by our Chief Executive and reports to the Group Executive Committee.

The committees are supported by an in house team of Health and Safety professionals.


Partnerships, relationships and sharing of best practice are all crucial to the success of our business. For this reason, we continually engage with external organisations like the Health and Safety Executive, Environmental Health Local Authority, Construction Industry Advisory Committee, Construction Clients Group, Property Health and Safety Forum, British Occupational Hygiene Society, Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety and the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

Our Policy

Our policy has recently been reviewed by those most directly affected by it, including all three of our Health and Safety Committees, our London and Retail Executive Committees, and our Chief Executive.

For each area of the organisation, we will ensure that the health and safety impacts and responsibilities are risk-assessed, that suitable health, safety and welfare systems are developed and implemented, and that resources are made available for effective health and safety management. The occupational health and well-being of all employees will be maintained with appropriate services and initiatives, from medical advice to healthy living opportunities.

Whilst the management structure identifies those who have specific responsibilities, there is also a legal obligation placed on all employees to co-operate with management and comply with the Policy in order to achieve Land Securities’ aims. All employees must acknowledge their own individual duties and responsibilities, take reasonable care, and prevent injuries to themselves, fellow employees and members of the public. This will be achieved by complying with the arrangements set out by each business unit for health and safety, by working safely at all times, and by correctly using any appropriate safety system or personal protective equipment where necessary. We are committed to, and recognise the need for, the provision of quality information and training for staff as an essential element of successful health and safety management.

We all have a part to play in the promotion of an active health and safety culture. We are committed to the prevention of injury and ill health, and to continual improvement in occupational health and safety management, which will in turn reduce the impact of workplace accidents and ill health.

To download our Health & Safety policy statement, Health and Safety Policy 2014click here|.

From our role as a landlord to our leadership of the sustainability agenda, we are consistently recognised for the quality of our work.
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