Working with suppliers

Our philosophy is to develop long-term, mutually beneficial and trust-based partnerships with a limited number of approved suppliers whose values and cultures are complementary to our own.

We think this can be achieved through effective supplier evaluation that seeks to ensure that quality, value for money and a socially responsible approach is embedded within the delivery of our services. We seek to create and maintain positive supplier relationships that continuously deliver great performance at current market value for money. In assessing value, regard is not only given to the initial purchase price but also continuing costs over the lifetime of the goods or services. For example, finance, depreciation, logistics, maintenance, energy consumption and disposal costs. Value also importantly must include quality, performance, timeliness and reliability of supply.

Value, however, is not limited to these factors. Our purchasing both of goods and services, and the methods we use to procure them, must comply with all appropriate legislation and conform to the highest ethical, social and environmental standards.

This is less a matter of what we do but more of how we do it. Indeed we expect our suppliers to extend this management ethos to their own supply base.

Find out more about our commitment to sustainability here| and some of our activities which underpin this.

The activities covered by our supply base can be broken down into three areas:

  • Construction: including construction contractors, sub-contractors, consultants and component suppliers who work with us on development or refurbishment projects. We have an extensive development programme which makes the construction industry one of our most important suppliers. As our development projects are often large, and are both in-town and on brownfield sites, we work predominantly with the top five construction contractors – Bovis Lend Lease, McAlpine, Skanska, Mace and HBG.
  • Facility Management Services: including mechanical, electrical, building fabric, security, reception, cleaning and catering suppliers. These groups enable us to deliver services to our tenants and customers in our retail property, commercial offices and property partnerships.
  • Support Services: all other services necessary to support our operations across the Group; for example finance, IT, legal, marketing and recruitment.

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Sustainability Case Studies
See some of the work we are doing and read stories from activity across the UK.
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