Site feedback

This survey is designed to help us continually improve the way we present our online Annual Report. It will take less than 3 minutes to complete and your feedback will be enormously valuable in helping us to improve the way we share information in future. Thank you for taking part.

Look and feel

  1. Did you like the look of the website?

    A lot

    Not at all

  2. Did you find the website easy to use?
  3. Was the website structured clearly? Did you find the information you wanted?
  4. Was the website easy to navigate?


  1. Did you view any of the senior management videos?
  2. Did you experience any problems when trying to view the videos?
  3. Did you use any of the tools?
  4. Did you find this additional functionailty helpful?
  5. Case Studies
    1. Did you view the case studies?
    2. Did you find the case studies interesting?
    3. Would you like to see more case studies in future reports?
  6. Your preferred format for Annual Report

Thank you for taking part in our survey