10 reasons to join

10 Reasons to Join Land Securities

1. You have the chance to influence your career

Everyone's contribution is valued at Land Securities. Being committed and dedicated and delivering the very best you can adds value to the our business. You can really influence your career potential - opportunities are available to everyone to grow within the organisation.

2. Non-political organisation

We have a fairly flat structure at Land Securities and we pride ourselves on being open and accessible. We want your ideas and feedback - that's how we improve as a business. We don't allow internal politics to get in the way of doing business and letting you do your job.

3. Everyone has the chance to succeed

We want you to succeed. That's why career progression is critical for every department across the business. To help you achieve your potential you'll have challenges to meet, a tailored learning and development plan to help improve your skills and the opportunity to 'work shadow' other people in the organisation to benefit from their experience.

4. Employees are valued

We know people are as important to our business as the properties we own, which is why 'respect for the individual' is one of our five core values. Last year over 230 individuals were recognised in our ‘People into Action' programme for behaviour which demonstrated our values at work.

5. Most exciting projects in the UK

We are changing the urban landscape, literally. Our multi billion pound development programme provides hundreds of opportunities for you to get involved in changing the face of the UK. With £2.2 bn investment in regenerating Victoria, London and significant city centres schemes including in Oxford and Glasgow, as well as managing assets valued in excess of £13.2bn across the company, there is plenty to get involved in.

6. Extensive range of benefits

We want everyone to feel properly rewarded for the work they do - and we know that it's not just about money. That's why we offer a huge range of benefits from a performance related bonus and share schemes to employee discounts and child care vouchers, and we encourage everyone to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

7. Take part in influencing the environment you work in

We value the communities in which we work and the environments we create for other people to work, shop and play in - our property activities really do impact people's lives. Everyone's input into these activities is valued, whether volunteering working actively with the communities surrounding our properties or being part of a team that is changing a city centre.

8. Striving to be a diverse workforce

The way in which Land Securities recruits and selects people is of vital importance to the promotion of equal opportunities. We welcome diversity in our business and wish to recruit, train and retain the best possible talent. We strive to ensure that the human resources, talents and skills available throughout the community are considered when employment opportunities arise, thereby ensuring that the most suitable person for the job in respect of qualifications and experience is selected. Accordingly, we aim for best practice in our recruitment and selection procedures.

9. Sustainability is key to our business success

Sustainability is integral to "the way we do business", supported by the introduction of an Executive Director of Sustainability with key board responsibilities.

We endeavour to ensure that every action we take is driven by our collective desire to make a positive change in communities, the environment and the economy, shaping the future for good. In order to affect positive change, we must feed our own positive fortune back into the local and national economy.

As we maintain responsibility in all of these areas we are feeding our own positive fortune back into the local and national economy. Through this process, we inherently increase the value of our assets and the demand for our own expertise. And the cycle continues, a virtuous circle ensuring the longevity of Land Securities.

10. We think you’ll like working for Land Securities

Honesty really is the best policy. Every year we ask our employees to fill in a survey and tell us what it's like to work at Land Securities and how we can improve as a company. We listen, and then we act, and that's why over 84% of our employees are satisfied working for Land Securities.

Land Securities in a word
We asked a cross-section of our employees to describe Land Securities in three words.
From our role as a landlord to our leadership of the sustainability agenda, we are consistently recognised for the quality of our work.
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