Learning & Development

We strive to be a "learning organisation" where our learning and development offering is integrated with the business strategy and objectives. We want to equip each and every employee with the opportunity to be successful in order to contribute to the overall success and growth of Land Securities. Needs for all provisions are identified through individual, team, business unit and Group-wide learning and development plans.

You will have your own specific learning & development requirements whether you are a new joiner, developing in your role or working towards another role. We offer a range of learning solutions to help further your knowledge and skills. These include face to face training programmes, e-learning sessions, seminars, team development programmes and an extensive open learning library. 



We are committed to senior level learning and development through bespoke executive development programmes. 


We invest a significant amount of time and resources to ensure our leaders can grow and contribute to the business and its people. The Positive Influence Programme and coaching provision is the foundation of our leadership development.


We have an ongoing commitment to develop our management population regardless of their previous experience. Management programmes are available including management essentials, positive impact programme, recruiting for hiring managers as well as coaching and mentoring provision. We are committed to ensuring everyone appointed to a management position will be given management development. 

Through ongoing review of our employees, we are committed to identifying and improving high potential employees who can develop and grow in the organisation.

Technical training

Technical training for all roles is available and is either provided internally or externally and everyone has equal access to development regardless of role or level in the organisation.

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