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Open A1 planning consent
Planning permission for the retail sale of any goods.
Open market value
Open market value is an opinion of the best price at which the sale of an interest in the property would complete unconditionally for cash consideration on the date of valuation (as determined by the Group's external valuers). In accordance with usual practice, the Group's external valuers report valuations net, after the deduction of the prospective purchaser's costs, including stamp duty, agent and legal fees.
Operating properties
Properties acquired and managed by Land Securities Trillium as part of its property outsourcing contracts with third parties and which do not meet the accounting definition of investment property.
Other investment portfolio
This comprises all other investment properties not included in Retail or London Portfolio.
Outline planning consent
This gives consent in principle for a development, and covers matters such as use and building mass. Full details of the development scheme must be provided in an application for full planning consent, including detailed design, external appearance and landscaping before a project can proceed. An outline planning permission will lapse if full planning permission is not granted within three years.
Space where the passing rent is above the ERV.
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