Our GroupLand Securities is the UK's largest Real Estate Investment Trust with a £14bn commercial property portfolio.

Our Retail and London portfolios are leading urban renaissance through contemporary regeneration and sensitive city developments featuring innovative, sustainable building design and cutting edge architecture.

Our Land Securities Trillium (“Trillium”) business provides property services to companies, government departments, schools, hospitals and others.

Our values
Our values embody the way in which we work and treat each other, and form the basis of how our employees work with others to achieve our vision. Our values are: Customer service, Respect, Integrity, Excellence and Innovation.

Our vision
Our vision is 'Bringing property to life'. We go beyond bricks and mortar, through design, community engagement and customer service to create places where people choose to shop, are proud to work and want to live.

Our principlesOur principles define how we do business and guide our stakeholders on how we manage it. We aim to benefit from the positive aspects and minimise the negative impact through:

  • Sound management
  • Long term perspective on relationships with stakeholders
  • Creation of attractive, sustainable returns for shareholders
  • Focus on non-financial as well as financial measures in the running of our business.

Our business ethics
We aim to maintain the highest ethical standards and will not tolerate any behaviour that compromises our integrity. Our business ethics policy provides full details of the standards we apply to our core stakeholder groups of investors, customers, communities, suppliers and employees.

Our financial performance
Our financial performance for 2007/08:

  • £1,672.8m gross income (2006/07: £1,722.7m)
  • £872.0m cost of goods, materials, services purchased (excluding joint ventures) (2006/07: £963.1m)
  • £107.2m cost of staff remuneration (2006/07: £98.7m)
  • £308.4m total dividend payment (2006/07: £223.0m).