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By signing up for our electronic communication service you will help us cut back on print, paper and postage - which is good for the environment but also good for our bottom line.

E*Communication benefits:

  • access details of your individual shareholding quickly and securely online.
  • change your registered postal address or your dividend mandate details online.
  • receive notification of important shareholder communications by e-mail.
  • view the online version of the Annual Report on the day it is published.
  • cast your AGM vote electronically.
  • arrange for any dividend payments to be made directly to your bank account/building society account
  • help us to reduce print, paper and postage costs and the associated environmental impact of these

This free and secure service - called Shareview - is provided by Land Securities' registrar Equiniti|.


Sign up

You will need:

Your Shareholder Reference Number (11 digit number)
Your Shareholder Account Number (7 or 8 digit number from your dividend voucher)
Any other correspondence sent to you by the Company’s Registrar, Equiniti|.


  1. Choose your password
  2. Receive user identification number
  3. Receive activation code by post

To begin:
Click here to go to the Shareview registration page, once there click on 'Register now' |


Already Registered?

If you are already registered on Shareview, perhaps because you have other shareholdings, you can simply add your Land Securities shareholding to an existing Shareview Portfolio and see everything in one place.

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