About the London Portfolio

2013 - London portfolio

We aim to deliver growing rental income, higher investment values and future development opportunities.  To achieve this, we invest in and dispose of assets early in the cycle to maximise returns.  We ensure we understand our customers' changing circumstances, so we can evolve to meet their needs.  We use a mixed-use, high quality product to mitigate risk, generate strong demand and achieve improved rental performance.  And we maximise gains from new development through innovative master planning and other strategies

Our strategy

Our priorities are to develop first class office, retail and residential space in central London and to strengthen income streams through smart, rigorous asset management. We work to maximise returns through the cycle. As early-cycle developers, we gain the benefits of competitive construction costs and rising rental values. Across the portfolio, we have a clear plan for every asset. We do not hesitate to release and recycle the value in an asset if a more attractive opportunity appears. We manage the balance between development and property investment carefully, with a current emphasis on development as it has the potential to deliver greater returns at this point in the cycle. Our development programme is well timed, well managed, and well matched to the market conditions we see ahead. Where necessary, we establish partnerships that enable us to de-risk and enhance the way we deliver major developments.

It is important that we keep anticipating and responding to the ever-evolving needs and expectations of today's occupiers in the way we plan, design, build and manage our buildings. We also work to form close relationships, which are built on trust, within the communities in which we operate so that our commercial endeavours are supported.

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