A responsible, sustainable approach to business creates a virtuous circle of activity that benefits everyone. When we develop a site we create jobs for people, demand for local suppliers and improvements in public realm. The companies we bring to the completed property provide more opportunities. This activity enhances the appeal of a location, attracting more people to the area. This sustains our business.

Robert Noel - Message from CEO
"Sustainability is like a bicycle wheel; it works best when all the spokes are in place, when every stakeholder is involved and benefiting."
Robert Noel, Chief Executive
Our strategy & focus module
We believe that by addressing sustainability issues well, we can reduce the pressure they put on our business, thus helping us to meet stakeholder needs and return value to shareholders.
CR Report 2014 - Module
View this year's CR Report and all other sustainability-related publications.
Environment Conference Module
Click to see video highlights from our Environment Conference.
Trinity Leeds - Local Impact module
To find out how Trinity Leeds is supporting the local community and economy, view the Trinity Leeds Impact Reports.
CR Case Studies 2014 - module
See some of the work we are doing and read stories from activity across the UK.
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