It is through acting responsibly that a company earns a reputation for integrity, and from integrity comes trust. It is impossible to fully measure the value of trust, but we know that it plays a profound role in our success and is certainly vital to our future.

CR 2013 - Robert Noel
"For us, responsibility starts with the drive to create and protect value for our shareholders."
Robert Noel, Chief Executive
CR Report 2013 - 185x90
To view the CR Report 2013, which features progress against targets, full data and targets for 2013 and beyond, please download the PDF.
Trinity local impact phase 2
To find out how the ongoing operation of Trinity Leeds adds value to local economies and communities, please download the PDF
Corporate responsibility journey 2013 185x90
While there is no simple link between sustainability and share price, we are convinced that taking a long-term approach to business helps us to create and protect value.
Our corporate responsibility journey 185x
Our strategy is simple - to be at the forefront of delivering quality space for our customers and providing an attractive total return for shareholders. Corporate responsibility plays a key role in helping us create and protect value.
CR 2013 - Casestudies module
See some of the strategic work we are doing and read stories from activity across the UK.
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