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A responsible business operates at many different levels. We invest time, talent and money into things that make a strategic difference to our business. We do this alone and we do this in partnership with local groups and charities.

Some activities however are just small, simple things but they have an immediate impact on people's lives. It's this rich mixture of strategic game changing and local support that keeps our people engaged and our communities happy. These pages provide a snapshot of both. Browsing through the news section will give you an idea of some of the more immediate impacts we have, whereas a closer inspection of some of our case studies will reveal the detail behind some of our thought process and the way we like to work.


Our partners
A significant part of our achievement relies on working in partnership. Some are at a strategic level. Some are at a local level. All are absolutely critical in the delivery of some of our key programmes.
CR Report 2014 - Module
View this year's CR Report and all other sustainability-related publications.
CR Case Studies 2014 - module
See some of the work we are doing and read stories from activity across the UK.

General sustainability enquiries

Anna Chapman
Head of Sustainability (Society & Economy)
Phone +44 (0)20 7024 3830

Caroline Hill
Head of Sustainability (Environment & Energy)
Phone +44 (0)20 7024 5462

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