Our vision & strategy

CR 2013 - Vision and Strategy 2

We're not interested in competitive CR. For us, being responsible is a strategic tool. It's about making the company strong and successful. It's about creating and protecting value. And it's about making a difference in the real world.

The importance of corporate responsibility to Land Securities becomes obvious when you consider the three commercial aims that drive our activity: we want to become the employer, developer and supplier of choice. It is by achieving these aims that we will become the investment of choice.

We’re convinced that acting responsibly will enable us to deliver a sustainable business, help us develop stronger communities and contribute towards better environments. These benefits are highly valued by the groups we need to impress.

This section gives more details about what we are trying to achieve and how we are going about it.

CR 2013 - Robert Noel
"For us, responsibility starts with the drive to create and protect value for our shareholders."
Robert Noel, Chief Executive
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