Sustainability governance structure

Our Sustainability Committee is supported by the Sustainability Working Group. This started as two separate working groups – one covering Environment & Energy, the other Society & Economy. Following the appointment of our new Head of Sustainability, Caroline Hill, we brought the two working groups together as part of an integrated sustainability programme and team. 

The Sustainability Working Group meets quarterly and is the delivery mechanism for making sure sustainability is considered and integrated throughout the business. The Working Group includes representatives from across the Retail and London businesses and from corporate functions. It looks at all aspects of our business, from development and project management to operations, insurance, engineering, HR, health and safety and marketing. The group is chaired by the Head of Sustainability.

The Working Group is supported by the Sustainability Team. Following a restructure of the business, we have brought together a single team that sits at Group level and supports the entire business with all aspects of sustainability. This includes community programmes, charity partnerships, volunteering, environmental and energy management. The team is led by the Head of Sustainability. This year, the team have focused on how we can transfer knowledge and capacity on sustainability throughout the organisation, particularly through our training programme Sustainability Matters.

It is absolutely key for us that sustainability is integrated in all areas of the business. So, as well as having a formal committee and working group structure, we also ensure that members of the Sustainability Team attend team meetings and events in departments across the business. For example, we have sustainability representation on Brand and Risk/Assurance forums, and Sustainability Team members regularly attend Development, Operational and General Manager team meetings. The Sustainability & Corporate Affairs Director sits on the Executive Committee and Investment Committee and we provide monthly written reports to the Executive Committee, both of which ensure the company’s executive leadership team is always fully aware of sustainability when discussing issues and making key decisions.

Responsible investment
Our aim is clear: to be the leader in sustainability in the UK-listed real estate sector.
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