We have four commitments related to jobs and opportunities. We are in the process of embedding these across the company at all levels, ensuring they inform the decisions we make and that we are working to drive significant positive change in the places that we develop and operate.

Help a total of 1,200 disadvantaged people to secure jobs by 2020

We work to help people from disadvantaged group’s access training, job opportunities and apprenticeships in property, construction and customer service, often on our development sites and with partners who work alongside us. We also help to create opportunities for people once construction has finished, including with our service partners in our buildings and retail and hospitality customers who have space in our shopping centres. To do this successfully we collaborate with a wide range of organisations, from Local Authorities to community groups, supply chain partners, specialist training providers, charities and prisons.

Make measurable improvements to the profile – in terms of gender, ethnicity and disability – of our employee mix

The talent pool within our industry isn’t broad enough. We’ve seen for ourselves the benefits of a more diverse workforce. Bringing different experiences, ways of thinking and approaches into the company helps to enrich our culture and improve our performance. It fosters innovation and creativity, and it enhances the way we consider and manage risk. And by making our workforce more representative of the diverse customers and communities we support, we are more likely to be able to anticipate and respond to people’s needs. 

We want to help lead our industry on diversity. But we also recognise we have some distance to go before we would consider ourselves a fully diverse organisation.

We have three priorities in this area. First, to ensure that the way we recruit and develop people enables us to attract diverse talent. Second, to create a truly inclusive culture within the business, removing any real or perceived barriers to people’s progress. Third, to broaden the talent pool within our industry through effective collaboration.

Maintain an exceptional standard of health, safety and security in all the working environments we control

Our goal is to maintain an exceptional standard of health, safety and security in all the working environments we control. We aim to be a leader in this within our industry. Our specific objectives during the year were:

  • Safety – zero reportable health and safety incidents.
  • Health – every worker to have a transferable occupational health record.
  • Wellbeing – all construction and managed portfolio partners to have a wellbeing policy.

Ensure the working environments we control are fair and ensure that everyone who is working on our behalf – within an environment we control – is paid at least the Living Wage by 2020

Paying people a fair amount for their work helps us to attract and motivate great people. Ensuring that human rights are respected in our supply chain demonstrates we’re a responsible business that thinks through the impact of its decisions and actions. And being fair in our actions helps to strengthen our reputation with our communities and partners, which is essential if we’re to succeed. To put it simply, being fair to everyone who works for and with us is the right way to act – ethically and commercially.

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