Land Securities' publishes its first Responsible Property Investment Policy

7 November 2016

Land Securities is pleased to announce the release of its Responsible Property Investment Policy. The Policy sets out how we comprehensively assess sustainability criteria as part of our pre-acquisition due diligence. Not only have we outlined the metrics we evaluate, but we have explained why these are important to our business and our stakeholders.

Our approach and the performance metrics assessed are structured around each of our key priority areas:

Creating jobs and opportunities

• Local community relationships, reporting requirements, Local Authority requirements

Efficient use of natural resources

• Energy (electricity and gas) and water supplies and use

• Building operation control measures

• Onsite renewable energy generation

• Past carbon reporting

• Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

• Leak detection

• Water harvesting

• Waste management and recycling

• Contaminated land (including radiation) and hazardous materials

• Flood risk assessment and existing control measures

• Customer travel and transport facilities

• Present ecology (i.e. protected or invasive species) and biophilia

Sustainable design and innovation

• Existing building certifications / ratings (BREEAM, LEED, SKA, WELL, etc.)

• Embodied carbon assessments

• Indoor and outdoor air quality, ventilation, daylighting and lighting, acoustics, thermal comfort, amenities

• Green clauses in leases

We are excited about the future and believe that our approach enables us to be agile in responding to acquisition opportunities.

Click here for the Responsible Property Investment PolicyResponsible Property Investment Policy|.



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