Performance in detail - Jobs & opportunities


The Community Employment Programme (CEP) is the bedrock of our approach. Launched in 2011, it specifically helps those furthest from the labour market find meaningful employment. The programme started by addressing unemployment in the capital and skills gaps in the construction industry. This year in total the CEP trained 231 individuals with 196 of those entering employment. Since 2011 we have trained 1,054 people and secured employment for 779.

Now we are extending the programme across our Retail Portfolio. In 2015 we launched the CEP at our Oxford development scheme. Here we’ve put everything we’ve learned so far to good use. Partnering with City of Oxford College, we have delivered three programmes in total in Oxford, supporting 22 candidates into employment.

Within the company, we took five young people into the Land Securities Trainee Academy this year, providing them with a two-year apprenticeship in real estate. We now have eight apprentices in the business spread across London, Retail and Finance. In addition to the time spent with their main department, the trainees get the opportunity to rotate around business functions, including Sustainability.


Diverse recruitment and development

This year we have chosen to be assessed against both the National Equality Standard – the most rigorous diversity and inclusion initiative in the UK – and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors’ Inclusive Employer Quality Mark. We are encouraging our peers to do the same so collective action can be taken to tackle this sector-wide issue. We also introduced a mentoring programme targeted, although not exclusively, at mid-career women, provided Unconscious Bias training for hiring managers and launched new diversity and inclusion training for leaders and managers. We continue to enforce inclusive selection and promotion processes, using a third party provider and recognised assessment tools to support objectivity. And we now have eight school leavers from diverse background working in the business.

Diverse culture

During the year we integrated clear messages around diversity and inclusion into our re-articulation of the Land Securities values. We also started a series of Food for Thought briefing events around the subject of diversity. And we promoted Mencap’s Work Experience week, providing placements across the business. We monitor the effectiveness of our actions by analysing responses to our Engagement Survey from different groups.

Diverse industry

This year we established and chaired a sector-wide People in Property Diversity Steering Group, with the objective of identifying some clear opportunities for cross-company collaboration, including outreach programmes for schools, and building diversity objectives into procurement. During the year we were also founding supporters of the Real Estate Balance initiative, which aims to attract and develop more women in the sector. And our Education Programme has continued to help create stronger industry links with pupils and students in disadvantaged areas.


We require any employee with a mandatory training obligation to complete it within six months of joining the company. This year, 100% of employees have completed M1 training, and 98% have completed M2.

The last 12 months saw the introduction of the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015. In response, we are taking a more active role in setting new and higher standards – both within our contracts with suppliers and across our industry. An innovative tethering system introduced in 2014, which automatically catches dropped tools, is now implemented consistently on our sites. Our partner Skanska has adopted the system on its construction sites across Europe.

During the year we maintained our OHSAS 18001 certification. This internationally recognised accreditation is the benchmark for Health and Safety Management Systems. We also started our Primary Authority Partnering Agreement with Westminster City Council. The agreement introduces a duty on local enforcing authorities to consult Westminster City Council before visiting any Land Securities premises, which encourages efficiency and consistency.

This year we had 8 reportable RIDDORs, and our accident frequency rate the versus industry average was 218v260.


Across the company, all employees within the company are paid at least the Living Wage (with the exception of trainees and interns). In London, 29 of our 33 service partners have committed to paying the Living Wage. In the Retail Portfolio, we’re making progress at different rates according to the location, type of asset – shopping centre, leisure, retail park – and timing of supplier contract renewals.

This year we devoted time to working with our principal contractors to ensure that they pay everyone a Living Wage by 2020. We sent a letter to principal contractors in January 2016 informing them of our decision. All future tenders and contractual clauses will stipulate this requirement. We’re developing audit and monitoring processes to ensure people are paid correctly.

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