What we do

We own, develop and manage offices, shops and housing in the UK. By meeting the needs of businesses and communities, we create opportunities for employees and long-term value for shareholders.

Land Securities is the UK's largest Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) with a commercial property portfolio worth approximately £14.5bn (as at 31 March 2016). We are a FTSE 100 company, owning and managing more than 23.6 million sq ft of commercial property.

Shaping the future for good
Our vision
To be the best property company in the UK.
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We go beyond bricks and mortar, through design, community engagement and customer service to create places where people choose to shop, are proud to work and want to live.

In January 2009 we sold our Trillium property outsourcing business and now focus our activities on the London and Retail businesses.

In London, we aim to deliver growing rental income, higher investment values and future development opportunities.  To achieve this, we invest in and dispose of assets early in the cycle to maximise returns.  We ensure we understand our customers' changing circumstances, so we can evolve to meet their needs.  We use a mixed-use, high quality product to mitigate risk, generate strong demand and achieve improved rental performance.  And we maximise gains from new development through innovative master planning and other strategies

In Retail, we aim to deliver growing rental income, higher investment values and future development opportunities. To achieve this, we prioritise assets able to thrive in a fast-changing retail environment. We make locations more attractive through asset management. We transform undervalued areas into thriving destinations through development. We work closely with retailers and local authorities so we can respond to changing needs. And we recycle capital and apply skills to reposition assets up the value hierarchy.

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