We have made every effort to keep our website free of jargon but realise some words, phrases and acronyms may need further explanation. Our glossary contains definitions for business and financial terms used throughout this site.

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Development pipeline
The Group's development programme together with any proposed schemes that are not yet included in the development programme but which are more likely to proceed than not.
Development programme
The development programme consists of committed developments (being projects which are approved and the building contract let), authorised developments (those projects approved by the Board for which the building contract has not yet been let), projects under construction and developments which have reached practical completion within the last two years but are not yet 95% let.
Development surplus
Excess of latest valuation over the total development cost ('TDC').
Diluted figures
Reported amount adjusted to include the effects of potential dilutive shares issuable under employee share schemes.
Share of profits paid to shareholders on a quarterly basis every year.
Dividend cover
Dividend cover takes into account all aspects of trading, tax and finance, from the ordinary shareholders' point of view. Dividend cover can also be calculated using cash flow in place of profit.
Dividend yield
This measure shows shareholders how much income they receive in relation to the current share price. Analysts will sometimes predict dividend growth and calculate a prospective dividend yield.
Debt maturity
The date on which a debt becomes due for repayment
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