Educating the next generation of engineers

23 January 2017


Ben Anderson, Community Manager, discusses how we will be educating the next generation of professional engineers, technicians and innovators

When you went to school did you wish that you could spend less time sitting in the classroom listening to someone else talk and more time getting up and making things happen? Not all students thrive in a strict classroom routine and instead some would benefit from a more proactive approach. Careers in construction and engineering require more than just good grades in core subjects, they require hands on experience too, which is why Land Securities is supporting a new style of college.

Based in Victoria, The Sir Simon Milton Westminster University Technical College (UTC) will specialise in the technical side of the construction industry. Opening in September 2017, it will be perfect for students who want to follow a career in construction engineering and other roles that need the combination of academic and technical ability, with a variety of integrated activities.

The college is currently recruiting students who are curious and excited about the world. They want young people who would excel in an environment where high standards of behaviour, coupled with hard work and longer working days are the norm.

Land Securities has supported the UTC right from the initial planning, helping to shape a curriculum that will give students the skills that the construction industry needs. We will also be actively involved with enabling students to gain work skills such as project management.

Resilience and flexibility in solving real-life problems will also be addressed by posing challenge projects such as spending a day learning about the built environment. Students will not be college-bound. They will have actual chances to visit assets and learn how exciting and varied careers in construction can be, linking their GCSE and A level learning to real-life issues.

Students who enrol at the UTC will study for conventional exams as well as gaining direct access to Land Securities. An environment will be created where subjects such as maths are made relevant, through applying the learning to project management and the built environment when students work with employees on a short sharp challenge. Students also benefit from continual careers information, as well as advice and guidance on where they can go at 16 or 18 with the qualifications and experience gained in a rich learning environment.

The curriculum at the UTC is rooted in science, technology, engineering and maths, but enriched by the many opportunities on the doorstep through sports such as sailing and fencing, arts, languages and United Nations debating.

If you have a child, or know of one, who would like to study hard and learn to make the world a better place to live and travel in, encourage them to find out more at|


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Community Manager

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