Land Securities scoops BREEAM Offices Refurbishment & Fit-Out Award

8 March 2017

Land Securities scoops BREEAM Offices Refurbishment & Fit-Out Award

Land Securities’ commitment to putting sustainable design at the heart of its new head office in Victoria has been recognised with the BREEAM Offices Refurbishment & Fit-Out award at the BREEAM Awards 2017. 

The new office was designed for collaboration, efficiency, and staff wellbeing. The environment encourages activity-based working, with sit-stand desks, treadmill desks, and a wide variety of furniture, seating options and meeting settings designed to complement an active working day. Quiet rooms and atria were also created to allow quiet and individual work spaces.   

Technology has played an important part in how our people use the new space, and state-of-the-art docking stations, hub screens and network connectivity mean our people can work anywhere. 

To support employee health and wellbeing, acoustic rafts and circadian lighting were designed to enhance wellbeing and productivity. Circadian lighting uses LED lighting which is tuned to natural light. Increased ceiling heights were created using exposed services. Natural, chemical-free materials were specified to create clean indoor air quality.  

Land Securities chose a ten-year old building for our new head office, demonstrating the resilience of our assets, and reinvigorated it into a high-performing office that is sustainable, energy-efficient and creates a great working experience for our people.  

Energy Star equipment was delivered throughout the space to reduce operational energy use. LED lighting and efficient building services were carefully selected to enhance performance and reduce energy demands. A Demand Logic system is installed, which allows the services system to operate more efficiently, providing a comfortable environment.

A panel of eminent industry judges selected Land Securities as the winner. Commenting on Land Securities’ office, the judges noted:

“Collaboration between the client and project team lay at the heart of this project to improve the sustainability and healthiness of Land Securities’ new HQ. The result is a building that maximises staff wellbeing through improved natural light and air quality, plus a juice bar and contemplation room. The building also uses a high percentage of recycled materials. The judges noted the highly innovative nature of the project, and the commitment by the developer to spread the lessons learnt from the project experience”

Commenting on the win, Caroline Hill, Head of Sustainability at Land Securities, said: “Land Securities was committed to BREEAM Outstanding to demonstrate the company’s commitment to sustainability, and to provide a framework to support the delivery of high quality space which would enable the company to achieve its ongoing objectives in use.” 

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